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We’re delighted to be working with the Digital Greenhouse once again to run the 2022 Digital Innovators Competition, which is now open for applicants to showcase their digital skills.
The competition opened on 14th February and is looking for teams of up to five post-16 students to build a digital solution to the following problem: ‘Decline in biodiversity is having a dramatic effect on Guernsey’s environment. How can islanders use technology to have a positive impact on biodiversity?’
Talking about the competition, our IT Technical Operations Manager, Dan Edmunds, said: “We’re proud to be able to provide these essential opportunities for young people to improve their technology skills on-island. First Central colleagues enjoy coming together to work with the Digital Greenhouse on the creation of the problem statement that the students then look to provide a solution for. The ideas that have been produced are fantastic and it’s been great to get involved and help the students develop them further. I’m looking forward to seeing the final results.”

Lucy Kirby, Director at the Digital Greenhouse, added: “We’re working with the island’s young innovators to build and apply their problem-solving skills and knowledge of technology to address real-world challenges in our natural environments worldwide. Guernsey is full of new ideas and these opportunities give young people the chance to showcase their solutions and gain valuable time working with industry.”

To develop students’ skills to take on the challenge and to prepare them for a career in the technology and creative sectors, the Digital Greenhouse runs the Digital Innovators Programme.
John Nellis, a College of Further Education student, is currently participating in the programme and said he has found the initiative very educational: “The programme has been great so far; we’ve learnt how to take complex projects and break them down into small achievable tasks. I’ve really enjoyed the problem-solving element and found it valuable to learn how to communicate as a team in a corporate way. We’ve also learnt about identifying the target audience and their needs.
“Our idea is for drones to plant the right seeds for different environments to help wildlife thrive. I would definitely recommend others to take part, the initiative is well recognised by employers, and you can enhance your skills.”

Erich Hauptfleisch, Head of Business & Economics, Grammar School & Sixth Form Centre, said: “The Digital Innovators Programme challenges students with real-life problems that need critical and creative thinking skills to solve. This course is tailored to get students to think laterally and generate 'outside of the box' solutions to everyday problems."

The next session will be with the College of Further Education and the Guernsey Grammar School and Sixth Form Centre students on 15th March.

Teams have until 6th May to apply and submit their solutions, which can be entered in any format (e.g. wireframes, prototypes etc.) The solutions will be judged by a panel comprised of experts from First Central and the Digital Greenhouse.  
A prize giving will take place on 26th May, where awards for Best Technical Solution and Most Innovative will be presented.

Find out more about the competition and how to enter a team.