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We’re excited to have renewed our partnership with the Digital Greenhouse in Guernsey for the second year, to deliver the Digital Innovator Programme.
The scheme, which began in 2018, provides a range of exciting opportunities for young people, enabling students to get involved in hackathons, workshops and events to develop their digital skills through hands-on learning.
John Davison, our Chief Information Officer, said: “Talented individuals are highly sought after in the technology sector and it’s great to see the partnership helping develop tomorrow’s technology disrupters and superstars.
“We’ve supported the Digital Innovator Programme since day one. We have a talented team and it’s great to see them devoting time to the scheme, providing guidance and support to those eyeing up a career in technology.”
Lucy Kirby, Head of Digital at the Digital Greenhouse, said: “We want young people to build digital skills that give them the brightest future. Working with First Central is key to doing that, their team is full of experts who can bring real-life examples to the subjects we’re teaching.”
More than 140 young people took part in the programme’s debut year and it continues to have a positive impact on young people. Find out more about upcoming events for young people in Guernsey.