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To further enhance our technological capabilities and add to our product portfolio, we’re excited to announce that our insurance broker 1ST CENTRAL, has just launched a telematics-based car insurance product.

1ST CENTRAL Connect is powered by an app and sensor that monitors driving behaviour and offers a tailored insurance premium based on how the car is driven. That means the safer you drive, the higher your score — and the better your discount at renewal.

Unlike traditional “black box” devices that require an engineer to set up, the 1ST CENTRAL Connect sensor can be attached to a windscreen and linked to an app on a smartphone in less than five minutes.

We partnered with Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT), the world's largest telematics service provider, to develop this new product, which records customers' journeys and provides feedback and in-app incentives to encourage them to drive more safely. The program rates the risk of each trip with a score and identifies dangerous events such as speeding, phone distraction and harsh braking.

Customers can review their overall driving scores and share it with their families using the app. Those with higher scores can be offered significant discounts at renewal.

1ST CENTRAL Connect can also detect a crash and uses digital data from the crash scene to create a more effective and efficient claims process, meaning less time spent on the phone and faster decisions.

This new product is one of the many innovative technology solutions that we offer. 1ST CENTRAL's Managing Director Ben Tomasetti said: "1ST CENTRAL Connect uses technology to make people’s lives easier while encouraging safer driving through incentives like badges and discounts at renewal. And, thanks to our crash detection feature, our customers know assistance is at hand if they need to make a claim."

William Powers, CMT founder and CEO, added: "We applaud 1ST CENTRAL's efforts to encourage their drivers to be safer. This is the future of connected insurance — helping people drive safer, rewarding them for it, and providing a smooth claims process if they're involved in an incident."

CMT's AI-driven DriveWell® platform powers the new 1ST CENTRAL Connect program. The CMT platform fuses the data between sensors and phones to create a unified experience for 1ST CENTRAL Connect users. CMT customers can also use connected vehicle data for their connected insurance programs with DriveWell Auto.

Check out the video, which explains all about 1ST CENTRAL Connect...