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Three Guernsey students with a keen interest in a digital career joined First Central Group for six weeks as part of the Digital Greenhouse’s Discover Digital Internship programme.

The scheme provides students who are passionate about digital technology with practical experience in local companies, highlighting the variety of exciting and challenging careers in the sector.

Between 11 July and 19 August, post-16 students Callum Wood, Jared Sarchet and Xavier Ellis worked with First Central to improve the team management system.

The students started the project by understanding the system and having meetings with employees who frequently use it to see how it can be improved. They then mapped the different components to create a backlog. They got involved in problem solving, wireframing, designing the website components, coding, creating a modal, and fixing bugs.

The final product was a success; it was more user-friendly and efficient. First Central is also in the process of implementing it into its systems.

Callum said: “I learned a lot working at First Central, especially about coding which will be really useful for my future career in the digital sector. I enjoyed working with the other interns to create solutions to the problems we faced. During the final weeks of the internship, we started seeing the software come together, working in a much more accessible way, which was great. And even better is knowing we worked on a meaningful project that First Central is going to use to benefit the business.” 

Dan Edmunds, First Central’s IT Technical Operations Manager, said: “We were keen to get Callum, Jared and Xavier involved in every aspect of the project so that they gained an understanding of the day-to-day tasks a developer would undertake. To code the system, they used a combination of JavaScript, HTML, CSS and several different pieces of software, programmes, and coding languages.

“We were very impressed by the students’ creativity and problem-solving skills. They’ve developed an intuitive platform which we’re looking forward to implementing into our business processes. They’ve made a huge contribution to our team and we’re proud to have been a part of their educational journey, and act as a steppingstone to starting a career in technology.”