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Digital Innovator course to enhance on-island skill set

Digital Innovator course to enhance on-island skill set
Following the success of a pilot Pi-top introductory course, we’ve teamed up with the Digital Greenhouse to run a Digital Innovator Programme for young people.

The programme, which starts during National Coding Week this September, aims to increase opportunities for young people to learn, explore and build on their digital experience and to increase the number of people on the island with advanced skills in Pi-top technologies and Python (a high level coding language that is used in general-purpose programming).

The programme is free and consists of a series of full-day courses aimed at 14-21 year olds running from 22nd September 2018 to July 2019.  

John Davison, our Group Chief Information Officer, said: “Our involvement with the Digital Innovator Programme is very exciting. It will allow young people on the island to develop their digital skills, and also help engage and educate parents and the wider community in digital career opportunities.”

The course curriculum was created collaboratively with local educators, including members of the Digital Greenhouse and developers from First Central Group.

Harriet Moss, UX Designer and Digital Solution Architect at First Central Group, who helped devise the curriculum, said: “We created a curriculum that we thought was most relevant to Guernsey. It includes developing creative problem solving, project management and team skill development, as well as learning Python.”
The next generation will be increasingly reliant on advanced digital skills, and the Digital Greenhouse – which is the island’s digital and creative hub – is leading the way in providing a space for this to actually happen.

Lucy Witham, Head of Digital and Economic Development for the States of Guernsey, said: “It’s great for the Digital Greenhouse to be partnering with companies like First Central Group. The Digital Innovator Programme will help students to develop their skills through real hands-on learning. It’s important we start implementing training and development opportunities for young people on the island now, so we’re digitally fit for the future.”

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