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As a large employer, we strive to create an environment where every colleague feels welcome and can thrive in their work. It’s important that our people feel they can embrace who they are and be their true selves in the workplace, just as they would be outside of work.

As Pride Month comes to an end, our Diversity and Inclusion programme continues, and our D&I team is working to further embed a supportive and inclusive culture across our organisation. We’ve already made some great enhancements to our culture, but we know there is still more to do.

Project Manager Steven Jack joined First Central in March last year, and shares his experience of being welcomed to the company as a member of the LGBTQ+ community…

First impressions

My first impression on joining First Central was of an incredibly friendly and supportive working environment.

Having been here over a year now, I thoroughly believe that First Central has a culture everyone should be proud of. 

When someone is LGBTQ+, even in the friendliest of environments, it can be difficult to come out and be open about who you are. Sadly, many of us have had negative experiences at some point in our lives, and this can lead to something of a double life, pretending to be something a bit different at work to who we really are.

The energy spent maintaining this façade is much better spent being ourselves and makes LGBTQ+ colleagues more effective in their jobs, as well as happier people in general.

Thanks to the fantastic culture at First Central, I can be my true self and thrive in my job, knowing that I’m not being judged or treated any differently to my colleagues.

Why we need Pride

Some people say, why do we need Pride? Well it's an explicit statement that we value our LGBTQ+ colleagues and want them to feel comfortable bringing their whole self to work. Not just being tolerated, but being warmly welcomed for who they are, and the diverse contribution they can make to our business and colleagues and friends.
It’s great that First Central is a strong supporter of Pride Month, and I'm really proud to work for a company that values me as a gay man.